07 PM | 24 Apr

The Minds Panel with Bill

Part 1 – The Minds Panel Show with Bill Ottman, CEO and Founder of Minds.com

Part 2 – Panel Show, Groups, Hashtags, Appear.in and Group video chat


Part 3 – Creative commons, fair use, minds growth and technical difficulties


Part 4 – Comment Culture in relation to Point Value



Ater Bill @ottman had to leave, The Panel Crew stood around chatted about boost feature and talked shop. @SatoriD @sofuego @govspiders @havefaith @JaphyRyder

After Hours Part 1


After Hours Part 2


06 PM | 24 Apr

Pirate Radio The Bill Interview

Part 1 – Minds, Reach and Boost https://www.minds.com/archive/view/571168734920585216

Part 2 – Open Source, Creators of Minds https://www.minds.com/archive/view/571174743491747853

Part 3 – Groups, Filters, Minds Panel Ideas https://www.minds.com/archive/view/571180619845873664

Part 4 – The Minds Panel Show https://www.minds.com/archive/view/571183498027610112