06 PM | 26 Jun

The Minds Panel Show: The Biology of Anarchy

Inspired by @Girameister’s previous podcast guest appearance, as well as the teachings of Dr. Bruce Lipton on Epigenetics and mind science, talks by Dr. Joe Marshalla, who earned an honorary doctorate in physics when he coined the term “Repeatlessness” to describe our state of existence in the now, and many points to explore in between.


06 PM | 21 Jun

The Minds Panel Show: Minds Culture

Comment Culture2.0 ; Ethics ; Exploits ; Minds-conomy ; Creation Incentive- Looking for collaboration in idea planning for the structures the govern Minds as a website and a community

Excerpt 1 – The Dirty Little Secret

Excerpt 2 – Comment Culture 2.0


Excerpt 3 – Post vs Boost


Excerpt 4 – Your Minds Content


Uncut interview

07 PM | 18 Jun

Infinite Imaginarium: Wiki Being

WikiBeing is a human experiential tool for recording and processing feedback about mankind’s experiences as they happen.

WikiBeing is for the benefit of those of us who seek to understand ourselves, more specifically to understand the importance of our own morality, and autonomy, while facilitating our individual emancipation, and discovering where we fit in with the whole of the world.

In short, it is for us all. The Journey of self-­‐discovery beyond Ego!