06 PM | 12 Jun

The Minds Panel Show: Decentralized Internet

The SAFE Network is fully decentralised, with files distributed and stored all over the world, on different devices. This allows the network to be robust to attacks, with no central point of weakness. The distributed nature of the network provides your data with physical security, meaning that no third party can access or delete it, as can happen with existing centralised solutions.

06 AM | 27 Apr

The Minds Panel Show with John

The Minds Panel sit down and have a discussion with one of The Co-Founders of Minds.com John Ottman

Edited Segments

Part 1 – Intro, LightBulb Art, Minds Stories


Part 2 – Ripple Effect, Minds tales and What is the Minds Panel?


Part 3 – Minds Develop, Evolving Discussion, Open Source Culture


Part 4 – Minds Beta, New Users, Strong Mind Community


Part 5 – Decentralized, Disrupted models. Open Source Culture, Next Generation Using of Minds


Part 6 – Media, Organic Development, New Way of Working




07 PM | 24 Apr

The Minds Panel with Bill

Part 1 – The Minds Panel Show with Bill Ottman, CEO and Founder of Minds.com

Part 2 – Panel Show, Groups, Hashtags, Appear.in and Group video chat


Part 3 – Creative commons, fair use, minds growth and technical difficulties


Part 4 – Comment Culture in relation to Point Value



Ater Bill @ottman had to leave, The Panel Crew stood around chatted about boost feature and talked shop. @SatoriD @sofuego @govspiders @havefaith @JaphyRyder

After Hours Part 1


After Hours Part 2


06 PM | 24 Apr

Pirate Radio The Bill Interview

Part 1 – Minds, Reach and Boost https://www.minds.com/archive/view/571168734920585216

Part 2 – Open Source, Creators of Minds https://www.minds.com/archive/view/571174743491747853

Part 3 – Groups, Filters, Minds Panel Ideas https://www.minds.com/archive/view/571180619845873664

Part 4 – The Minds Panel Show https://www.minds.com/archive/view/571183498027610112